The Microtransat Challenge

2011 Transatlantic Race

The 2011 Microtransat started between August 31st and September 30th 2011. The start line was between 48 and 51 degrees north along the line of 7 degrees and 30 minutes west. Competing teams were allowed to depart from any port, providing they crossed this line. Additionally the 40 nautical miles proceeding the start line had to be sailed autonomously.

Only the team from ENSTA-Bretagne in Brest, France were able to launch. They began their Microtransat attempt on September 16th 2011 at approximately 49 degrees North and 6 degrees, 47 minutes West. Their boat sailed for 8 days in total. Unfortunately it stopped making progress towards the start line after 2 days and gradually moved away from the start line, without having crossed it. The boat was spotted by a customs aircraft 2 days later, which was able to take a picture of the boat showing that one of the sails had been damaged (explaining why it was no longer making progress). The team then decided to rescue the boat and were able to recover it 4 days later. The course taken by the boat can be seen at

The team from ETH Zurich/Google also registered, but unfortunately were unable to compete.

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