The Microtransat Challenge

2013 Transatlantic Race

The 2014 Microtransat is running for the duration of the year. Teams may depart at any time during the year.

Start and Finish Lines

There are two possible routes that a boat may take, either West to East from North America to Europe or East to West from Europe to North America.

The East to West route start line is between 48 and 51 degrees North along the line of 7 degrees and 30 minutes West. The finish line is along 60 degrees West between 10 and 25 degrees North. Click here to see a map of this route.

The West to East route start line is along the line of 51 degrees and 30 minutes West, between 42 to 48 degrees North. The finish line is along the line of 11 degrees West between 45 and 55 degrees North. Click here to see a map of this route.

Competing teams may depart from anywhere they choose, providing they cross the start line. Additionally the 40 nautical miles proceeding the start line must be sailed autonomously. Teams must specify a target point on the finish line and must enter a 50km wide (diameter) circle around this point to complete the competition.


To register please email the following details to These details will be displayed on the Microtransat website. You may register a long time before you intend to depart, this may help to generate publicity and show potential sponsors you are actually intending to compete.

All competing teams are encouraged to use the mailing list to discuss their plans, share information about the building/testing of their boat and their progress during the competition. Additionally all teams are encouraged to release their code and plans under an open source license.

Registered Teams

The following teams have already registered:

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