Boat Details - Andy Osusky 2016

  • Team Name: Andy Osusky
  • Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Boat Name: OpenTransat
  • Class: Sailing
  • Division: Autonomous
  • Intended Route: West to East
  • Length: 2.36 m
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Beam: 0.72 m
  • Draft: 1.15 m
  • Hull type: Modified surfboard.
  • Rig Design: Ripstop nylon sails.
  • Power source: 4x 3.2V 36Ah LiFePo4 batteries charged by a 100 Watt solar panel. 6v 100mA solar panel and 4x AA 2300 mA batteries for the first SPOT tracker. 8x D cell alkaline batteries for the second SPOT tracker.
  • Actuators: Power HD 1235MG Rudder servo. No sail control.
  • Sensors: LCJ Capeturs Ultrasonic Wind sensor, Ublox Neo-M8N GPS and LSM303D Compass
  • Communications: Iridium Rockblock and 2x SPOT Trace modules
  • Computers: AtMega 2560
  • Other Interesting Things: A Git2 action camera set to take 30 seconds of video every hour.
A photo of Andrej Osusky's Boat

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Background by Jenna Bash on Unsplash