The 5th World Robotic Sailing Championships and International Robotic Sailing Conference

Cardiff, Wales, UK - September 17th - 21st 2012


The 5th International Robotic Sailing Conference took place on Wednesday the 19th of September 2012 at the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club. You can view a video of each talk by clicking on the links below. The conference proceedings can be found on the Springer website and are also available to purchase from Amazon.

Conference Schedule

Provisional conference schedule for September 19th 2012, exact times and ordering may be subject to change.

Session 1 - Poster Talks - Chair: Luc Jaulin

Colin Sauze "Minimalistic approaches to the control of sailing robots"

Diogo Lopes, Henrique Cabral, Joao Teixeira, Nuno A. Cruz and Jose C. Alves "Predictive area-scan patterns for sailboats under varying wind direction"

Arnaud Le Breton and Etienne Gernez "Protei Open Source Sailing Drones"

Will Smith and Owain Jones "Autonomous Sailing Using Consumer Telecommunications Devices On The Android Platform"

Session 2 - Chair: Roland Stelzer

Oren Gal "Tracking Objects and Decluttering in Marine Environment for USV Autonomous Capabilities"

Tobias Neumann and Alexander Schlaefer "Feasibility of Basic Visual Navigation for Small Robotic Sailboats"

Jorge Cabrera-Gamez "Optimization-Based Weather Routing for Sailboats"

Lars Hertel and Alexander Schlaefer "Data Mining for Optimal Sail and Rudder Control of Small Robotic Sailboats"

Session 3 - Chair: Alexander Schlaefer

Paul Miller, Jeff Rossman and Matt Hamlet "Continuous Improvements to USNA SailBots for Inshore Racing and Offshore Voyaging"

Fabrice Le Bars and Luc Jaulin "An experimental validation of a robust controller with the VAIMOS autonomous sailboat"

Session 4 - Chair: Paul Miller

Roland Stelzer and Daniel Estarriola Dalmau "A study on potential energy savings by the use of a balanced rig on a robotic sailing boat"

Taylor Barton and Mariano Alvira "A Discrete-Component 2D-Array Wind Sensor without Moving Parts for a Robotic Sailboat"

Mariano Alvira and Taylor Barton "Small and Inexpensive Single-Board Computer for Autonomous Sailboat Control"

Luc Jaulin and Fabrice Le Bars "A simple controller for line following of sailboats"

Programme Committee

  • Colin Sauze, Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom
  • Alex Schlaefer, University of Lübeck, Germany
  • Ralf Bruder, University of Lübeck, Germany
  • Jose Carlos Alves - Universidade do Porto, Portugal
  • Nuno A. Cruz - Universidade do Porto, Portugal
  • Ole Blaurock, Lübeck University of Appplied Sciences, Germany
  • Benedita Malheiro, ISEP - IPP, Portugal
  • Paul Miller, USNA, United States of America
  • Roland Stelzer, INNOC, Austria
  • Jan Sliwka, ENSTA Bretagne, France
  • Luc Jalin, ENSTA Bretagne, France
  • Yves Briere, ISAE, France

Sponsored by:

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