The 5th World Robotic Sailing Championships and International Robotic Sailing Conference

Cardiff, Wales, UK - September 17th - 21st 2012

Race Rules


We plan to have three classes: the open class with boats of up to 4 m as defined by the MicroTransat rules, the Sailbot class with boats of up to 2 m as defined by the Sailbot rules, and a One Design MicroMagic class.

Rules and Sailing Instructions

The full rules and sailing instructions can be found here as a PDF file. This year's format follows a similar format to last year's competition with a short distance race, navigation challenge, station keeping, a long distance race and collision avoidance. In addition to these are two new events, the Hacker Challenge and the Auton mous Sensing Competion.

The Hacker Challenge

New to this year's WRSC is the Hacker Challenge. This event requires competitors to build boats during the course of the week for a short race on the final day. It is intended to help foster collaboration between different teams and tries to embody the spirit of collaboration which has already existed at past events.

Teams for this event can register from day 2 (Tuesday September 18th) of the event. Each entry must consist of at least two people from at least two different teams.

A new boat must be constructed as part of the challenge, this can come from any parts either of the collaborating teams have brought with them or which they build/buy during the event. Software can also be any combination of existing software from either team, existing publically available software or newly written code. The boats built during the hacker event will be raced during the final race of the week. Points gained during this race will be added to all teams who collaborated. Teams intending to enter this event are encouraged to bring along spare parts which could be used to make an extra boat.

The Autonomous Sensing Competition

The autonomous sensing compeition takes place during the long distance race. It challenges teams to autonomously sense water quality, water depth, take photos, produce a RADAR or LIDAR image, record from a hydrophone, measure wind speed or wave heights when their boat reaches a per-defined point. Bonus points are given for the completion of each of these tasks. Additional points are also given for recording power consumption data during the race. For more details see the full rules.

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